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Guide of Review

Revision guidelines

Our goal is to provide you with highly documented quality reviews and articles to allow you to make a better opinion on the product you want.
To do this, we carry articles on a wide range of products, programs, services or subjects related to a wide variety of subjects such as beauty, health, food, sport, well-being. , weight loss, computers, love, animals, fashion, DIY, music, …

Since our launch in 2012, we have written and published over 800 product reviews on our websites. Our main goal is to set up a free and fair blog for everyone. Indeed, our reputation, that of our partners as well as that of the sellers depends on it.

We are never paid to write a product review or any other service provided on this site, everything is offered completely free of charge. We invest our personal time and money to provide quality service to our visitors. Our income comes from affiliate marketing and advertising. For more information on this, see our advertising disclosure section.

Our goal

We aim to inform our readers about:

– A wide variety of new and existing programs, products or services for love, animals, cars, beauty, wellness, DIY, cooking, entertainment, fortune telling, economics, money making, web hosts, computers, games, languages, marketing, medicine, fashion, music, psychology, diets, health, safety, sports, work, practical life and travel …

– The various aspects of a program, product or service, specifying, depending on the product evaluated, its course, history, characteristics, functionalities, ingredients, advantages, disadvantages, quality according to the testimonies collected, its reputation and how to use it …

– Other products similar to those that interest them …

– Any legal action, scam, fraudulent activity, product recall or regulatory activity associated with a program or product.

We provide all this information by reviewing dozens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of testimonials related to the program, product or service in question.

The evaluation criteria

Below is a guide describing the criteria by which we write, edit and publish content. This is only a set of guidelines which may vary depending on the research method, the type, program or product studied and the style of writing thereof …

The “Product Data Sheet” section provides basic information for a program, product, or service. This generally includes: the name of the product, the name of the company, the name of the author or manager of the product, the website of the product, the language or languages ??available for the product, a short description of the product in a few words, the price of the product, the format in which the product is available, the delivery method and the guarantees offered.

The description
The “Product Description” section gives you a more detailed description of the program, product or service, usually made up of a sentence or two maximums.

The “Product Evaluation” section contains the most important points about the program, product or service. It is based on the information found on the official website of the product and generally includes the history of the company that offers it, a detailed description of the product, its functionality or properties, its use or dosage, its benefits. There is also some additional information, depending on the type of product, you can find information about the delivery service, technical support, payment methods, promotional codes, …

The inconvenients
The “Disadvantages of the product” section contains, if there are any to report, the list of major drawbacks (those that come up most often on the Internet) mentioned in the testimonials during our research.
We will also find in this section the list of contraindications and side effects.

The reputation
The “Reputation of the product” section retranscribes the experience of customers or users according to the testimonies that we have benn able to collect on the Internet.

The conclusion
The “Conclusion of the product” section provides a summary that follows from all the elements that we were able to find during our research without taking into account our personal opinion.

Search criteria

On Scam Or Reliable, the articles are produced by a dynamic and passionate team capable of providing information on subjects including, but not limited to IT, marketing, economics, work, security, well-being, health, weight loss, sport, sexuality, animals, music, leisure, …

Our research is carried out according to a strict and serious protocol in order to do everything to obtain a well-established idea on the reliability of the product, such as, to name only the most obvious:

– Take into account only the testimonials of verified customers or users and set aside those that are not verifiable or abusive.
– Do not take into account our personal opinion.
– Do not take the information given by the product company or its partners for cash.
– Check the percentage of return and refund.
– …

Each article is then submitted for approval to René Ronse before publication.

All these steps take a long time and that is why we are not able to offer you more than one assessment per week.

We strive to provide quality, clear and detailed product reviews. Please note, however, that all opinions expressed on our website are for informational purposes only. For more information on this subject, see our limitations of liability .

Last updated on 27 October 2020.