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A bit of information about Scam Or Reliable and its author!

My name is René Ronse , I have been a professional webmaster since 1999.

After being tricked several times by unscrupulous sellers, I decided to create (in French) (in English), (in Spanish), (in German) and (in Italian) to help for free all the people who would be interested in a product but have a doubt about its reliability.

I am well aware that between real scams and people who complain about everything without testing anything, it is often difficult to find your way around and make the right decision.

It is therefore question on this blog to make the evaluation of various products sold online because with the number in constant increase of scams of all kinds on the web it is not always easy to know if the product you are about to buy is reliable or not.

We will therefore do assessment of the most popular online products.

But beware, we will totally differentiate ourselves from the other review sites that you know because, most of these sites, and there are many, simply give you their personal opinion on a particular product.

We go much further and offer you a completely different and unique service!

Indeed, on Scam Or Reliable we make you discover the opinions, reviews and comments of tens, hundreds or even thousands of people at once! Thanks to serious research carried out according to a rigorous protocol based on all the testimonies found on the Web. And unlike other review sites, on Scam Or Reliable, our personal opinion is not taken into account! (For more information on this subject, see our revision guidelines)

If you want the opinion of a single person on a product, then we are not the service you are looking for, however, if you want to know what most users think, we are the right service to give you the best possible opinion!

But it does not stop there since we also help our readers, and do not hesitate to do everything to help them in case of problems.

And since our site obviously does not have an evaluation on all the products available on the market, we also offer to carry out a quick search specially for you on the product that you covet on simple request!

The contributors responsible for the good quality of our articles are made up of a dynamic team, passionate about various subjects such as IT, finance, well-being, health, sport, fashion, animals, travel. , work, security,…

Our goal being to offer free reliable information concerning the legitimacy of different products available on the Internet, you will never have to pay anything for the services offered on our blog!

Understand that the information displayed on is intended to inform our visitors about the legitimacy of a product, service or website. Therefore, even if some topics are related to health, well-being, nutrition or on how to earn money online, this information does not in any way represent a recommendation on the use of a method, treatment or monitoring of a particular diet. Whatever the subject, the opinions and information provided on this site cannot replace the advice of a professional. For more information on this subject, see Our Terms and Conditions .

I hope that this site can be useful for you to consolidate your choice or, on the contrary, to avoid you unnecessary inconvenience and loss of money.

You have been on a website to buy a product online and you have been cheated, abused or on the contrary you had an excellent surprise and be very satisfied, you can contact me here and I will make an evaluation of this website taking your experience into account.

Thank you and happy browsing on!

René Ronse.
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Last updated on 11 July 2021.