Reviews to Avoid Scams and Fraud of all kinds


Hello everyone,

My name is Simon Ronse, the owner of this blog.

After buying a couple of craps and lose money I made the decision to create this blog to help people people like me to discern the truth about the products they want to buy.

I know because of my own experience that between real scams and people how screaming fraud about everything they see, it’s quite difficult to take the right way.

This blog is about making reviews of the most popular products sold online because with the number of scams in constant increase on the Internet it is not easy to know if the product you are going to buy is reliable or not.

I will then make the reviews of the most popular products on this blog.

I hope this site will be helpful to strengthen you in your choice or in exchange avoid inconvenience and unnecessary waste of money.

If you are about to buy a product online but you have a doubt on the reliability of the site and the product is not yet listed on this site.
No problem, you can apply for review here and I’d be happy to test this site for you as soon as possible.

You were on a site to purchase a product online and you have been rolled, abused or otherwise you had a great surprise and be very happy.
You can contact me here and I will make a review of the website by taking your experience into consideration.

Thank you and I wish you the best in life.